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BioTrace Elite Ion-Power with Zest

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BioTrace Elite Ion-Power with Zest is an exceptional source of electrolytes, minerals and trace elements in a 100% natural, sugar-free concentrate. It enables you to easily and affordably turn your plain water into a convenient sports performance drink that is suitable for all busy, active people including athletes and children and for the elderly.

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Why Elite?

  • Supports rapid hydration
  • Bio-available and instantly absorbed
  • Supports body water balance
  • Supports body temperature
  • Supports muscles & nerves
  • Naturally sourced
  • Sugar, carbohydrate and excipient free
  • Economical and convenient to use
  • No mould or residue in your hydration pack
  • Suitable for all ages

Athletic performance can suffer if the electrolytes lost through sweating are not replaced. Frequent exercise or persistent stress can deplete magnesium and potassium in the body leading to muscle tension. This can also occur during or after vigorous exercise in a hot environment mainly due to sodium loss.

Dehydration reduces the body’s ability to acclimatise to temperature changes in the environment. Scientific research shows that hydrating with a drink containing sodium and potassium before and after exercise sustains your body water balance for hours longer than just plain water.

Elite with Zest contains almost equal amounts of ionic sodium and potassium, along with ionic magnesium to support exercise performance and recovery, and chloride to help support fluid balance.

Elite with Zest also contains citric acid for a refreshing hint of lemony flavour.


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Serving Size 2.5 mL
Sodium 126 mg
Potassium 125 mg
Magnesium 46 mg
Chloride 455 mg
Other Ingredients: Lemon extract, concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea, purified water, potassium chloride, natural citrus extract.

Add 2.5ml Elite Ion-Power with Zest per litre of water.

  • Always read the label and take only as directed
  • If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner
  • If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use

Nutritional supplements should be stored in a cool, dry place, with caps tightly closed, and out of reach from children. Take only as directed.

5 reviews for BioTrace Elite Ion-Power with Zest

  1. Samantha Fernandes

    Samantha Fernandes (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I use regularly with sauna / activity. Recommended by my nutritionist

  2. Karan (verified owner)

    Such a great product for those hot summer days, gym workouts or support with those tummy bugs.

  3. Caroline Louise

    craig (verified owner)

    The zesty addition makes this great for the whole family including the kids. A great way to help get some vital minerals into them.

  4. Ruby

    Love it!

  5. Jason Hatton (verified owner)

    At the age of 52 I have been experiencing muscle pain through physical work. I have found that electrolytes enhance recovery and put me back into a positive mind space.

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