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In order to be socially responsible we have tempor In order to be socially responsible we have temporarily shut down our premises due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

We continue to work from home as we wait for confirmation from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to see if we can operate our warehouse as we supply products and services to essential businesses. Shipping of orders and clinic bookings are currently unavailable.

We are still available via phone and email to support our practitioners and customers, so please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

As we already have stringent policies around health and safety to protect our staff at work, we hope that we will soon be able to resume our warehousing duties and be able to ship your orders out.

We apologize for the delay and will keep you informed as more information is available to us.

For general inquiries - info@biotrace.co.nz
For accounts inquiries - accounts@biotrace.co.nz
For order/sales inquiries - sales@biotrace.co.nz
For technical support - jo@biotrace.co.nz
Happy Valentine’s beautiful people! Celebrate lo Happy Valentine’s beautiful people! Celebrate love all around and if you want to give a loved one the gift of health. Check out our online store! We have lots of nourishing supplements to give your body all the love it needs 🍃
Major key 🔑 Phyto B and Biovital Enzymes. Our p Major key 🔑 Phyto B and Biovital Enzymes. Our products really do make a noticeable difference. Enzymes are useful for those that have sluggish digestion, and need help breaking down their food for adequate absorption and rendering of nutrients for food, they can also help reduce digestive inflammation and bring more energy to the body. B Vitamins are rapidly used by the body especially the adrenals along with trace-mineral coenzymes, if you’re stressed then these two can be a helpful combination to help the digestive system and the stress response as well as providing support to the cells for energy. Both of these are vegan plant based forms of Enzymes and B Vitamins. For more details, check out our website 🍃
Morning ritual // We have added @supermesmoothies Morning ritual // We have added @supermesmoothies and extra Multi Trace Minerals and Vitamin C 🍃 What’s your morning routine?
Did you know that these are Schisandra berries, al Did you know that these are Schisandra berries, also known as (Schisandra chinensis). .

This pretty berry is used extensively in traditional Chinese practice. Research studies show that it may support heart health, liver, kidney and brain function.

It is also one of the herbs in our Bio Adapt Formula. Which is a lovely product to help with Stress and fatigue support. It may also support brain health, support healthy ageing, exercise recovery and heart health.

See link in our bio for full details 🍂 .

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Happy Friday 🍃 Make sure you pause this weekend Happy Friday 🍃 Make sure you pause this weekend, it’s very hot, Electrolytes are essential at this time of year 🍃 see our website for details
Our Phyto C is completely plant-based and amazing! Our Phyto C is completely plant-based and amazing! If you’ve tried many vitamin C formulas, we strongly encourage plant-based blends. They are far more absorbable for the body and bring more energy to the cells ✨🍃 we notice a big difference in our formula compared to other synthetic versions on the market, as it has been formulated for complete cell resonance and cellular energy ✨🍃
Do you know what is actually in your supplements? Do you know what is actually in your supplements? We do. This is just one example - these are the Berries of the Amla Tree (Embilca officinalis) how beautiful are they? These beautiful berries are the only ingredient in our Phyto C 💓 Not only that, our vitamin C is 100% Certified Organic and made from the Amla Berry, which means we have a pure excipient free plant based formula that is superior to synthetic abscorbic acid forms of vitamin C. Exactly what the body prefers, a formula that is close to nature. So when you take it, it is highly bioavailable and better for your body. The Alma berry is so special that one berry alone contains as much vitamin C as two oranges, it is also a rich source of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and b vitamins but also loaded with antioxidants. We love this product over winter, for adrenal health, skin, immunity, energy, longevity and optimal health. See link in our bio for full details and why natural plant based products are superior 🌿🍋🍊 .

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CMD is another essential in our summer kit. We lov CMD is another essential in our summer kit. We love this for the whole family, it is economical and everyone can add this to their water to bring it alive and remineralise it 💙
It is so hot at the moment and very important for It is so hot at the moment and very important for all of us to make sure we are hydrated. BioTrace Elite Electrolyte Liquid is an exceptional source of electrolytes, minerals and trace elements in a 100% natural, sugar-free concentrate. It enables you to easily and affordably turn your plain water into a convenient sports performance drink that is suitable for all busy, active people including athletes and children and for the elderly. Supports rapid hydration. This product is Bio-available and instantly absorbed. It may help to support body water balance, body temperature, muscles & nerves. Very economical. Suitable for all ages including young ones when they are at school, when people are sick and need quality electrolytes and athletes, as they  can suffer if the electrolytes lost through sweating are not replaced. Frequent exercise or persistent stress can also deplete magnesium and potassium in the body leading to muscle tension. This can also occur during or after vigorous exercise in a hot environment mainly due to sodium loss. Did you know dehydration reduces the body’s ability to acclimatise to temperature changes in the environment. Elite also contains 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a sea mineral concentrate. Elite Electrolyte Liquid contains almost equal amounts of ionic sodium and potassium, along with ionic magnesium and zinc to support other biochemical processes 🍃 the perfect staple for the whole family, for more details see link in our bio 🍃
These four supplements are so supportive for healt These four supplements are so supportive for health 🍃 Magnesium for general health, stress & adrenal support, Glutathione for antioxidant and liver support, vitamin c for cellular repair, adrenals and immunity and Betaine HCL to support healthy production of stomach acid and digestion. All three of these can make a noticeable difference to overall health. To read more on each of these, check the link in our Bio. Would you like us to feature more info on supplements and what they can be used for? What would you like to learn from our platform?🌿🍃
BREATHE // Take time to centre yourself. Especiall BREATHE // Take time to centre yourself. Especially at work or in times of stress. A simple breathing technique that you can do at your desk or in the car is alternate nostril breathing, this helps to settle both left and right hemispheres of the brain and bridge them. To practice alternate nostril breathing:
Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed or where every you find yourself needing to settle the nervous system. Place your left hand on your left knee or lap. 
Lift your right hand up toward your nose.Exhale completely and then use your right thumb to close your right nostril. If you want to see how this works in more details and to practice there are lots of good references on YouTube if you look up “alternate nostril breathing” or Nadi Shodhana. What are other breathing techniques that you have tried. We also find our Bio Magnesium Citrate and Bio Relax Complete very helpful in times of stress, especially at night before bed with a cup of chamomile tea ✨
Phyto C is one of our staple products. It’s all Phyto C is one of our staple products. It’s all plant-based and so well absorbed and so well tolerated by the body ✨ what form of vitamin C are you currently using? Have you tried a bio-available formula and noticed a difference.
We’ve been making smoothies over the weekend for We’ve been making smoothies over the weekend for the whole family and super boosting them with our Multi-trace Minerals (without added copper) and Phyto C opened and added. We find this is a good way to get the minerals into the whole family and added vitamin c for immunity. If you have small children or people that don’t like to swallow pills, hiding supplements and minerals in smoothies can be a great way for them to get their extra supplements in 👌💫🌞
Have you tried our Bio Vital Enzymes? Do you have Have you tried our Bio Vital Enzymes? Do you have trouble digesting certain foods and absorbing them? Are you low on certain nutrients? Then perhaps looking at your digestion and adding simple digestive support is a good place to start. Our BioVital Enzymes are porcine free vegetarian enzymes with a complex of digestive and pancreatic enzymes to help with digestion and gastrointestinal health. This product helps to support the digestion of proteins, fats, dairy, soy, plant fibres legumes, grains and sugars. We recommend taking 1-2 capsules with your meal or as directed by your practitioner. Many people notice a huge difference in their healthy by supporting their digestive system 🌿💫🍃 Have you tried our enzymes? Pic via beautiful @lucyfrancesbarclay
Happy Long Weekend from Us. We are open till 430pm Happy Long Weekend from Us. We are open till 430pm for any last minute orders or we will see you all on Tuesday. Make sure over the weekend, you get time outside, nature is the best medicine we have. What would you like to see or learn more about on this account? We have exciting things in the pipeline for 2020 we also love to hear from all of our amazing clients and about our products so if your passionate about them like we are. Then tag us in your posts and share the love and the Biotrace Story. Robin who is the Founder of Biotrace works so hard to bring you all the best ingredients and the best in naturopathic health care, so it’s lovely when we get feedback from you all 🍃 stay safe everyone 🍃
Have you tried our Biotrace Glutathione with Brocc Have you tried our Biotrace Glutathione with Broccoli Sprouts - this product provides comprehensive antioxidant support with HiActives® Broccoli Sprout Powder and Glutathione. 
Glutathione is known as the master anti-oxidant and plays an important role in the body by protecting our cells from metabolic stress and toxic chemicals. Unfortunately as we age our levels of Glutathione naturally decline. 
Glutathione is needed for phase 2 detoxification in the liver. It attaches to environmental toxins like pesticides, toxic metals and alcohol making them more water soluble and therefore able to be excreted. The Broccoli sprouts in this formula have between 10-100 times more Glucoraphanin than mature broccoli heads. Glucroaphanin is a Glucosinolate precursor to the Isothiocyanate Sulforaphane. And Sulforaphane may support detoxification; immune function; and bone, heart, and brain health. 
This is a Vegan and gluten free formula with no harmful excipients. For more details check our website for the full benefits of this amazing formula.
Do you have a self-care plan? Is it something that Do you have a self-care plan? Is it something that you have ever thought about for yourself? Sometimes self-care can be hard to implement. That is when seeing a Naturopath can be such a wonderful gift. A Naturopath can look at your health goals & any health issues, and they can also help you to make a holistic plan based of your individual needs and biochemistry. We have amazing practitioners at our Living Source Clinic - We see amazing results and love helping people. If this is something for you then check out the Living Source Clinic tab on our website. Or message us, we are only too happy to talk through options. We also have an amazing array of health tools that we know work, such as PEMF machine (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) amazibg for pain and cellular restoration, HTMA & OLIGISCAN (tools to measure minerals and toxic metals in the body), ZYTO Scan (bio communication scan), Clay Packing (which works on trauma and scars), Dental Packing (for after amalgam removal), detox and mercury protocols and Vibratrain for the Lymphatic System. We really know what we are doing and have been helping people for years. We love the work we do and all the wonderful tools and supplements we have access to to help people improve their health and lives ✨
TRACEMINERALS 🌟 Why are they so important? Did TRACEMINERALS 🌟 Why are they so important? Did you know one of our key products is traceminerals. CMD (concentrated mineral drops) ELITE (mineral electrolytes), Multi-Trace (Multi mineral formula), individual trace minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, chromium and Boron to name a few. Trace minerals = cellular energy, they are the base needs for the body, they are the coenzymes for all of the other biochemical processes in the body. They all work in relationship to each other, either they antagonise or they are a synergist to each other. It’s so important to understand this for our bodies. You can give CMD to the whole family, and ELITE is amazing for children and athletes. If you have more specific mineral needs then the multi and individual minerals are very helpful formulas. Here is a small diagram of just some of the minerals and the organs they relate too. From this you can see they are widely used. Make sure you’re getting your minerals #gamechanger #mineraltherapy #cellularhealth #cellularmedicine #minerals #mineraldrops #zinc #boron #magnesium #multitrace #cmd #elite #ele