The Living Source Clinic within BioTrace was originally set up to mentor practitioners who have completed training in our QRA kinesiology or HTMA courses. It developed into a full time practice for multiple practitioners as word spread through the community. At Living Source Clinic your health will be supported with the help of clinical tools and tests that we trust, as well as supplements that we believe to be some of the best in the world.

Nutritional Consults - Specific consultation for nutrition and dietary advice.
Naturopathic Consults - Full holistic health consult - including one or a combination of the below specialties dependant on individual cases.
External Detoxification - Body clay packing, dental clay packing and castor oil packing.
New Client Special Offer - General health check up including a full body bio-energetic scan, nutritional, and lifestyle advice.

Clinic specialties:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) - an analytical test performed by an independent forensic laboratory which measures the mineral and toxic metal content of the hair. When interpreted correctly, hair analysis may provide indications of mineral imbalances, deficiencies, and excesses of many essential and toxic minerals. Assessing patients for mineral imbalances and excesses is an increasingly important tool in the presence of chronic illness given the rising levels of toxic metals in the environment and the widespread nutrient insufficiencies of the typical western diet.
  • OligoScan - technology that allows you to make a quick analysis of the trace elements and toxic metals in the tissues. The measurement is made with a portable spectrophotometer device and the results are provided within minutes. An invaluable screening tool which can be used as an alternative to hair analysis to assess baseline mineral status and toxicity and then follow-up to assess progress during detoxification programs.
  • Toxic Metal Detoxification - Living Source has designed an effective, safe and natural way of relieving the body from the effects of toxic metals. Today many health problems can be attributed to toxic metal accumulation and therefore detoxification can be an effective way to support health.
  • ZYTO 5.0: Elite - Advanced Decision Support Technology. The technology is used by health practitioners to make better decisions through bio-communication. Getting a ZYTO bio-communication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle while a scan is run.

Clinic Pricing

QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis:
First Time Consult (2 hours approx) - $200
Follow ups (60 min) - $100
Zyto – Baseline Biosurvey (15 min) - $10

Protocol Review (30 - 60 min): $50 - $100 per unit
Emotional Release Technique (60 min): $100
ZYTO (incl. Remote testing) (60 min or 15 min units): $120 per hour or $30 per unit

Hair Analysis Test and full written report:
$200.00 inc GST - Hair Test AND Report written by specially trained naturopaths (approximately 10 pages).
$160.00 inc GST - Hair Test Results ONLY (for practitioners trained in interpreting HTMA results).

Scan only: $138
Scan and Written Report: $200
Retests: $120 

Brain Tap Sessions
Single session - $30
2+ Sessions - 2-10 sessions - $25

PEMF Sessions
Introductory session (5-15 min) - Free
Single 15 min session - $25
Single 30 min session - $45
10 sessions (15 min each) - $200
10 sessions (30 min each) - $400

Whole Body Vibration
1 - 5 min: $10
10 min: $20
1 month unlimited use (Max time per session 10 minutes, 2x daily) - $60
3 month unlimited use (Max time per session 10 minutes, 2x daily) - $150

External Detoxification
$100 per hour (includes a foot bath)
Clay packs $15 each
Foot baths $15 each 

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Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.
All clinic prices include GST