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  • PRL PQQ Complex

    $88.70 inc GST

    PRL PQQ Complex

    PQQ Complex with CoQ10 features PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), a unique B vitamin-like nutrient. It offers nerve, cardiovascular and cognitive (learning and memory) support. This formula is coupled with natural source, fermented CoQ10 (trans isomer form) which promotes cellular energy and offers premier antioxidant support. This formula is anchored by PhytoMarine Support, a biocompatible botanical blend that offers broad spectrum phyto-nutritional support.

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    $88.70 inc GST
  • PRL Premier Marine Collagen

    $86.10 inc GST

    PRL Premier Marine Collagen

    Product Summary

    Premier marine collagen is sourced from wild-caught, deep-sea fish and supports healthy skin and connective tissues, including bones, tendons, and ligaments; it can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    More Information

    Premier Marine Collagen provides 19 out of 20 amino acids, which support lean muscle mass and workout recovery. It’s a joint health supplement that aids healthy joint function, which may aid mobility and comfort aging joints; it also supports the integrity of the Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Function

    Accounting for 30% of the body’s total body protein, collagen is the most abundant and ubiquitous protein that works to maintain the structure and function of the skin and connective tissues throughout the body. Healthy skin is the body’s primary barrier to prevent dehydration and potential infection while maintaining moisture and body temperature. Skin elasticity and firmness are dependent on collagen peptides. Visible signs of collagen loss are evident in early adulthood, with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, as well as slight joint discomfort.

    Compared to commercial collagen peptide supplements made from bovine or porcine sources, marine collagen has a low molecular weight and delivers the most predominant type of collagen in the body, type I collagen. Type I collagen provides rigidity, elasticity and strength to skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, teeth, and cartilage.

    Premier Marine Collagen™ utilizes the glycoproteins necessary to help modulate collagen production, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and hydrate dry skin.* Supplementing with hydrolyzed marine collagen, coupled with dietary sources of antioxidants (vitamin C) and micronutrients (zinc, copper) delivers bioactive, short-chain nutritional collagen peptides, which support collagen synthesis, in the tissues that need it the most.

    Hydrolyzed with food grade enzymes, PRL’s Premier Marine Collagen™ is versatile for everyday use. Tasteless, fully dissolvable, and bioavailable, PRL’s Premier Marine Collagen is ready to be mixed into your favorite morning beverages, juice blends, miso soups, broths and more!

    Aside from slowing the inevitable effects of skin ageing, hydrolyzed collagen supplementation is associated with additional beneficial effects.

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    $86.10 inc GST
  • QNL D3 Gold

    $85.40 inc GST

    QNL D3 Gold

    QNL D3 Gold delivers targeted cardiovascular and immune system support from an easy non-synthetic 1000IU per drop dose. Aids in calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth.

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    $85.40 inc GST
  • BioTrace Betaine HCL

    $49.50 inc GST

    BioTrace Betaine HCL

    Product Summary

    BioTrace Betaine HCL provides natural digestive support for people with compromised stomach acid levels. It is a great general digestive aid as it promotes the absorption of all macro nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and micro nutrients (minerals and vitamins especially B12, iron and calcium).

    More Information

    Many factors can result in low hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels, affecting digestion. These include gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, stress and some pharmaceutical drugs.

    Research studies show that supplementing with Betaine HCL may support digestion and absorption in people with low stomach acid. It may also support normal liver function.

    Adequate HCL levels are required for lipid metabolism thus Betaine HCL may support normal blood lipid levels, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

    BioTrace’s pure extracts in vegetable capsules ensure no nasty excipients (such as tableting agents) are required.

    • Helps maintain normal stomach acid levels
    • Supports digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • Supports optimal liver function
    • Supports cardiovascular health

    TAPS PP3143

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    $49.50 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio Adapt

    $72.60 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio Adapt

    Product Summary

    Bio Adapt contains four herbs known as ‘adaptogens’. These key herbs may support the body during times of mental and physical stress.

    More Information

    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) holds the most prominent position amongst adaptogenic herbs in Ayurveda, the traditional practice of India. It is primarily used for brain and nervous system support, and to support reproductive health in both men and women.

    Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is used extensively in Russia and Asia to support stress and fatigue-related disorders. It is also beneficial for supporting immune function and exercise endurance and recovery.

    Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) has a long history of use in traditional Chinese practice and is revered for its ability to support immunity, healthy ageing and brain function.

    Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is also used extensively in traditional Chinese practice. Research studies show that it may support heart health, liver, kidney and brain function.

    • Stress and fatigue support
    • May support brain health
    • May support healthy ageing
    • May support exercise recovery
    • May support heart health

    TAPS PP3805

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    $72.60 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio Allicin

    $49.90 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio Allicin

    Product Summary

    Allicin is the bio-active compound in garlic that is responsible for its many health benefits. Bio Allicin contains high dose natural allicin extract from garlic bulbs (Allium sativum).

    More Information

    Allium sativum has a long tradition of use for supporting the immune system, cardiovascular system and detoxification. Allicin’s potent antioxidant properties are validated in several scientific studies.

    Garlic extract was also found to support mental clarity and normal brain function in some studies.
    Scientific studies show that garlic extract may support healthy cholesterol levels when taken for more than two months.

    Allicin may support cardiomyocyte (heart cell) function by supporting the reduction of oxidative stress on the heart. Allicin may also support the vascular and circulatory systems.

    Allicin may support optimal immune system function. This may be due to allicin’s ability to support normal development of immune cells such as macrophages, lymphocytes, natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells and eosinophils.

    Bio Allicin is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plant and is an excipient free product. A high quality vegetable capsule ensures greater protection of encapsulated nutrients.

    • High dose Allicin extracted from garlic bulbs
    • May support the cardiovascular system
    • May support the vascular & circulatory systems
    • May support the immune system
    • Pure, Vegan, with no nasty excipients

    TAPS PP2387

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    $49.90 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio Chlorella

    $57.00 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio Chlorella

    Product Summary

    Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water. BioTrace Chlorella is 100% Certified Organic, grown in fresh spring water and sunlight.

    More Information

    Chlorella has been used for centuries by many cultures for optimal health and vitality and for supporting detoxification.

    Environmental pollution is a growing global concern. More scientific research is being conducted on substances that may alleviate the negative effects of pollution on our health. Marine algae have gained a lot of attention because of their ‘biosorption’ qualities.

    Scientific research shows that chlorella is a biosorptive substance that may support the detoxification of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

    Because of its affinity for toxins it is very important to take a pure, organic chlorella source. BioTrace Chlorella is a safe and gentle choice that may support detoxification and general health maintenance.

    BioTrace pure herbal extracts in vegetable capsules ensure no nasty excipients (such as tableting agents) are required.

    • 100% Certified Organic Source
    • May support heavy metal detoxification
    • May support general health and vitality

    TAPS PP3473

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    $57.00 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio Iodine Plus

    $42.30 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio Iodine Plus

    Product Summary

    Bio Iodine Plus contains a blend of natural kelp and parsley providing 120 mcg of elemental, bio-available iodine per capsule.

    More Information

    It is important to maintain good iodine levels for many essential bodily processes, including normal growth and development.

    Iodine is necessary for the normal function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate body metabolism – the biochemical process of converting oxygen and the calories from food and drinks into energy. Body metabolism affects hormone and temperature regulation, and the ability to gain or lose weight.

    Kelp is an antioxidant herb which is naturally rich in elemental iodine. Iodine-rich herbs such as kelp are shown in studies to support iodine deficiency without causing the oxidative stress associated with excessive intake of potassium iodate / iodide.

    Parsley works synergistically with kelp in helping to protect the thyroid gland from oxidative stress. Parsley is scientifically validated as an antioxidant herb for supporting liver, brain and digestive health. It supports healthy glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase) production in the liver, both essential for detoxification.

    Bio Iodine Plus is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plant and is an excipient free product. A high quality vegetable capsule ensures greater protection of encapsulated nutrients.

    • Synergistic blend of antioxidants Kelp and Parsley
    • May support thyroid health and normal metabolism
    • Safely supports optimal iodine levels
    • May support the liver, brain and digestive system
    • Vegan, Gluten-free, and Excipient-free

    TAPS PP2387

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    $42.30 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio MCP

    $77.40 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio MCP

    Product Summary

    Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is a natural supplement derived from the white inner peel of citrus fruit. The citrus pectin is broken down into a complex polysaccharide, creating and providing a unique soluble fibre that is easy to digest and absorb.

    More Information

    Rapid industrialisation is causing high levels of toxic metals in our environment. Furthermore, high toxic metal levels correlate with many adverse health effects. Preliminary research shows that MCP may support kidney function, which is important when toxic metals are mobilised, as the kidneys need support to filter circulating toxins.

    Unmodified citrus pectin is a non-digestible polysaccharide. MCP is citrus pectin broken down into a complex polysaccharide, creating a soluble fibre that is easy to digest and absorb.

    Preliminary research shows that MCP may support kidney function. This is important when mobilising toxic metals as the kidneys need support to filter circulating toxins.

    *Heavy metal detoxification should be administered by a trained health professional. BioTrace Practitioners specialise in this field.

    BioTrace’s pure extracts in vegetable capsules ensure no nasty excipients (such as tableting agents) are required.

    • Easy to digest and absorb
    • Supports heavy metal detoxification
    • Won’t disturb essential minerals
    • May support kidney function

    TAPS PP3143

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    $77.40 inc GST
  • BioTrace Bio Probiotic

    $75.10 inc GST

    BioTrace Bio Probiotic

    Product Summary

    BioTrace Bio Probiotic is a multi-strain probiotic formula that provides excellent broad spectrum support.

    More Information

    It is vital for probiotics to reach the intestines where it can proliferate. Stomach acid destroys many probiotics before they reach the intestines, where optimum absorption occurs.

    BioTrace Bio Probiotic’s formula contains Bacillus subtilis, known as DE111, a unique, stable, spore-forming probiotic strain. What makes DE111 so special is that it is able to withstand the acidic conditions in the stomach and survives passage through the gastrointestinal tract where it then populates and re-sporulates for maximum benefit.

    BioTrace Bio Probiotic is formulated to support normal immune function of intestinal cells to help maintain gut barrier function and to help maintain normal microbial flora following antibiotic use or illness.

    Additionally, Bio Probiotic is dairy free, contains no animal products and no toxic excipients.

    • Multi-strain probiotic formula
    • Helps balance the microbiome and support healthy digestive function
    • Helps support immune health
    • Supports normal bowel movement and gastrointestinal comfort and normal bowel regularity.
    • Contains DE111, a stable spore-forming probiotic for intestinal immune support

    TAPS PP8239

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    $75.10 inc GST
  • BioTrace BioActive Silica

    $44.00 inc GST

    BioTrace BioActive Silica

    Product Summary

    BioActive Silica delivers food grade silica in a liquid form with Aloe Vera Gel. It allows flexible dosing and is a rich source of silica suitable for the whole family.

    More Information

    BioActive Silica is derived from MMST (potassium salt), which releases orthosilicic acid, the most easily absorbed form of silica. Clinical research shows that silica from MMST is absorbed four times better than any other supplemental source.

    Silica may support bone matrix quality and bone density, as indicated in many scientific studies. Silica is an important component of the collagen in growing bones that typically declines with age. Healthy collagen is rich in silica to help nourish the bone matrix and support remineralisation.

    Silica may also support healthy joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, thus may be useful for active people, athletes, convalescents, and the elderly.

    Soft, brittle nails and dull, thinning hair can indicate systemic silica deficiency. Thus supplementing with silica may support strong, healthy hair and nails.

    Silica may be beneficial for ageing and damaged skin due to its effect on collagen synthesis. Collagen is essential for the skin’s healthy appearance and elasticity.

    BioActive Silica is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plant and is free of toxic excipients.

    • Liquid silica with Aloe Vera for the whole family
    • MMST source for proven superior absorption
    • May support healthy bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons
    • May support strong, healthy hair and nails
    • May support skin health and elasticity

    TAPS PP2387

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    $44.00 inc GST
  • BioTrace BioVital Enzymes

    $67.90 inc GST

    BioTrace BioVital Enzymes

    Product Summary

    BioVital Enzymes offers a porcine-free, vegetarian enzyme complex of digestive and pancreatic enzymes to help optimise digestion and gastrointestinal health.

    More Information

    Many people suffer from digestive discomfort, bloating, gassiness, and food intolerances due to stress or inadequate enzyme and stomach acid (hydrochloric acid/HCL) production.

    HCL and enzyme production decrease naturally as we age but can also be affected by infections, pancreatic insufficiency, some medications, mineral deficiencies and the Western diet.

    When partially undigested food passes the through the digestive tract essential nutrients are lost and symptoms of digestive discomfort can occur. This may present as bloating, gassiness, irregular bowels, queasiness or discomfort.

    BioVital Enzymes is a digestive enzyme formula designed to support the digestion of proteins, fats, dairy products, soy, legumes, plant fibres, grains and sugars.

    Biofilms are created by clusters of microbes that can take up residence in your gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Biofilms house and protect colonies of undesirable microbes and parasites from antibiotics and other anti-infective agents.

    BioVital Enzymes may help to digest biofilms in the digestive tract and elsewhere in the body.

    • Porcine-free, vegetarian enzyme complex
    • Broad spectrum enzymes for proteins, fats, dairy products, soy, legumes, plant fibres, grains and sugars
    • Helps combat food intolerances and digestive discomfort

    TAPS PP1326

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    $67.90 inc GST
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