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  • BioTrace Bio Chlorella

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    BioTrace Bio Chlorella

    Product Summary

    Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water. BioTrace Chlorella is 100% Certified Organic, grown in fresh spring water and sunlight.

    More Information

    Chlorella has been used for centuries by many cultures for optimal health and vitality and for supporting detoxification.

    Environmental pollution is a growing global concern. More scientific research is being conducted on substances that may alleviate the negative effects of pollution on our health. Marine algae have gained a lot of attention because of their ‘biosorption’ qualities.

    Scientific research shows that chlorella is a biosorptive substance that may support the detoxification of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

    Because of its affinity for toxins it is very important to take a pure, organic chlorella source. BioTrace Chlorella is a safe and gentle choice that may support detoxification and general health maintenance.

    BioTrace pure herbal extracts in vegetable capsules ensure no nasty excipients (such as tableting agents) are required.

    • 100% Certified Organic Source
    • May support heavy metal detoxification
    • May support general health and vitality

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    $52.00 inc GST