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  • HMD Lavage

    HMD Lavage

    Product Summary

    A unique organic herbal formulation that helps to support healthy functioning of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, blood, skin and immune system. HMD lavage aids in supporting the clearance of harmful toxins from the body.

    We highly recommend that you are under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner while using this product. Please contact us for more information on the best ways to use this product.

    More Information

    HMD Lavage is designed to support drainage throughout the Liver, Kidneys, Lymphatic system, Lungs, Blood, Skin and Immune system.

    HMD Lavage contains seven herbs including:
    Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale), Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum), Burdock root (Actium lappa), Red Clover Tops (Trifolium pratense), Tumeric root (Curcuma longa), Hydrangea root (Hydrangea arboresens), Uva ursi leaf (Actostaphylos uva ursi)

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  • PRL BiliVen

    $91.00 inc GST

    PRL BiliVen

    A unique and comprehensive blend of herbs and nutrients for premier detoxification and gallbladder support and healthy bile metabolism.

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    Plant-source DHA (docosahexaenioc acid) a key Omega-3 fatty acid important for brain, nervous system, eye and cardiovascular health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans or people wishing to avoid fish.


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  • PRL Fermented Cardio ND

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    PRL Fermented Cardio ND

    A premier blend of herbs known for their affiliation with the cardiovascular system, in a micro-cultured and micro-digested probiotic formula for unparalled circulatory support.

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  • PRL Glutathione Complex

    $74.20 inc GST

    PRL Glutathione Complex

    Premier Glutathione Complex contains glutathione GSH (the preferred reduced form) that delivers effective antioxidant support and broad spectrum free radical quenching. It also supports the detoxification process and promotes liver and immune health.

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    NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) is a key amino acid derived from l-cysteine. It is a powerful free radical scavenger which helps replenish glutathione, a critical tripeptide for antioxidant defense. Promotes optimal detoxification of the liver; has the ability to help chelate heavy metals. Supports respiratory health through its beneficial action on mucus secretions

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  • PRL Organic Greens

    PRL Organic Greens

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    PRL Organic Greens

    Premier health and rejuvenation support from nature’s amazing super nutritional formula – a blend of greens that contains no toxic sweeteners, additives or fillers.

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  • PRL RenaVen

    $91.20 inc GST

    PRL RenaVen

    This premier broad-spectrum plant based formula offers support for general kidney function, lymph flow and detoxification pathways.

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  • PRL UltraPollen

    $80.50 inc GST

    PRL UltraPollen

    UltraPollen is made from multiple flower pollen extracts that are 100% allergen and pesticide free (mold spore removed). This premier formula delivers extraordinary flower pollen-based support for hormonal and urinary health and wellness.

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  • PRL UriVen

    $66.00 inc GST

    PRL UriVen

    This powerful, broad-spectrum formula features two key botanical-based blends for optimal nutritional support of the bladder and urinary tract.

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