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  • PRL Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus

    $76.70 inc GST

    PRL Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus

    Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus (formerly Coral Legend Plus) is a coral-based formula incorporating a blend of nutritional mushroom superfoods to provide support for bones, joints, teeth and an optimal alkaline pH from Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 ratio.

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    $76.70 inc GST
  • PRL TranQuinol

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    PRL TranQuinol

    Sedating minerals combined with a herbal blend to support restful sleep, and a calm mood through the day.

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    $87.00 inc GST
  • PRL Tyrosine Matrix

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    PRL Tyrosine Matrix

    A conditionally essential amino acid precursor to both hormones and neurotransmitters.  Tyrosine supports mood during times of occasional stress, healthy metabolism and normal thyroid function.

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    $89.90 inc GST
  • QNL Max Stress B

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    QNL Max Stress B

    Probiotic cultured, high energy end-chain B vitamin complex liquid.  Live source energy support for the brain, liver, adrenals, immune system and mood balance.

    Max B-ND is not derived from coal tar and petroleum products.

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    $83.80 inc GST
  • QuantumRX B Complex

    QuantumRX B Complex

    Product Summary

    QuantumRX B Complex is a plant-based B vitamin complex made from sprouted, powdered Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) seeds.

    More Information

    Buckwheat is a member of the rhubarb family (gluten free) and is well known for its high nutrient content. The sprouting of buckwheat seeds greatly enhances their nutrient profile as the sprouting process activates and ‘enlivens’ the inherent vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

    B vitamins are some of the first vitamins to deplete under stress and are therefore helpful to support energy, mood balance, adrenal gland function and liver function.

    The buckwheat seeds in QuantumRX B Complex are germinated using a proprietary process known as Cultavit, resulting in a fortified seed with higher amounts of B complex vitamins.

    QuantumRX B Complex is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plant and is an excipient free product. A high quality vegetable capsule ensures greater protection of encapsulated nutrients.

    • Plant-based B Complex made from fortified, sprouted Buckwheat seeds
    • Synergistic formula for optimal support
    • May support energy, mood balance, adrenal gland function and liver function

    TAPS PP1125

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  • QuantumRX Ionic Minerals

    QuantumRX Ionic Minerals

    Product Summary

    QuantumRX Ionic Minerals is an exceptional source of minerals and trace elements in a natural, concentrated solution that enables you to easily and affordably mineralise your own water.

    More Information

    The human body requires minerals and trace elements to support numerous biological functions. There are several reasons why mineral deficiencies are so common in the Western world:

    • Intensive farming uses synthetic fertilisers that contain only a few macro-minerals required for food to grow, but few of the micro-minerals required for human health
    • Pollution and industrialisation can cause toxic metal accumulation. Toxic metals compete with mineral absorption in the body
    • Taking non-ionic or synthetic mineral supplements or drugs in excess can upset the equilibrium of other minerals and trace elements in the body

    In 1897, French biologist René Quinton proved that the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in sea water is very similar in composition to that found in human plasma.

    Studies show that not only does sea water contain a wealth of mineral salts and trace elements, but it can also support pH balance because it is naturally alkaline (pH 7.9 – 8.3).

    QuantumRX Ionic Minerals contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a low sodium sea mineral concentrate sourced from the Dead Sea in Jordan.

    • Bio-available, liquid mineral concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements
    • Supports mineral balance with a mineral composition close to healthy human plasma
    • Low in sodium, high in magnesium
    • Economical and flexible dosage form for the whole family

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  • QuantumRX Mg+

    QuantumRX Mg+

    Product Summary

    QuantumRX Mg+ is a concentrated liquid supplement that provides 105 mg of Magnesium per serve, in ionic form. This is the form most recognised by the body.

    More Information

    QuantumRX Mg+ also contains ionic minerals, naturally sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan, providing up to 72 trace elements that may be missing from the diet.

    Observations of reduced dietary magnesium intake in modern Western countries compared to earlier generations may be related to food refining and modern fertilisers that contain no magnesium.

    Magnesium is an essential cofactor for more than 300 chemical reactions within the body.  It may support the body with normal energy levels, sleep and mood balance, adrenal gland health, immunity, brain function, muscle function and other bodily functions adversely associated with stress.

    Magnesium supports the absorption and assimilation of other minerals including calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium and vitamins such as B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

    Our QuantumRX Liquid Elemental range provides affordable, flexible dosage options of many essential minerals.

    • Bio-available, liquid Magnesium concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements
    • May support the body during times of stress, poor sleep and mood imbalance
    • May support the absorption of many essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium and B vitamins
    • Economical and flexible dosage form

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  • QuantumRX Total Relax

    QuantumRX Total Relax

    Product Summary

    QuantumRX Total Relax provides herbs to support the nervous system, help with sleep and balanced moods, help manage cravings and support the digestive system which is particularly vulnerable to stress.

    More Information

    Stress and worry can contribute to many health conditions, therefore encouraging the body to relax is an essential part of any healing process.

    The more relaxed you are during the day, the easier it is to sleep at night. QuantumRX Total Relax encourages relaxation without causing day-time drowsiness.

    Several research studies support the efficacy of Valerian, Passionflower and Lemon Balm for nervous system and sleep support. Milky Oat Seed is traditionally used to help manage cravings and is shown to support brain function and cognition in some research studies.

    QuantumRX Total Relax also contains L-theanine, the amino acid responsible for the relaxing and mood-balancing  effects associated with drinking green tea.

    QuantumRX Total Relax is manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified plant and is an excipient free product. A high quality vegetable capsule ensures greater protection of encapsulated nutrients.

    • Herbal complex to support the nervous system, mood balance, sleep and digestion
    • Encourages relaxation without causing day-time drowsiness
    • Contains brain and cognition support nutrients and herbs
    • No added ingredients (excipients)

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  • QuantumRX Vitamin D3+

    QuantumRX Vitamin D3+

    Product Summary

    Most vitamin D3 supplements are animal-derived. QuantumRX Vitamin D3+ contains natural, vegan-sourced vitamin D3 derived from the germ of sprouted buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), with vitamin K2 and magnesium glycinate for maximum absorption.

    More Information

    Vitamin D deficiency is common in Australians and New Zealanders, affecting 33% to 84% people, depending on age, skin colour and sun exposure.

    Immunity – Vitamin D is required for numerous immune functions in both innate and adaptive immunity. Phyto D3 may support a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, bone health, mood balance and gastrointestinal health.

    Cardiovascular Health – Vitamin D is an important co-factor for smooth muscle and heart function. Calcium build-up in the arteries may lead to blood pressure problems. Research shows that vitamin D may support normal blood pressure levels and vitamin K2 may support normal calcium deposition in the body.

    Bone Health – Dietary calcium absorption in a vitamin D deficient person is estimated to be as low as 10-15%. BioTrace Coral Cal-Mag with natural calcium sourced from pure, fossilised coral is our recommended companion product with Phyto D3 for optimal bone health.

    Mood Balance – Vitamin D receptors are found widely throughout the brain, including the cortex, cerebellum and limbic system. Low vitamin D levels are associated with stress, worry and low mood.

    Bowel Health – Research shows that poor gastrointestinal tract health is associated with low serum vitamin D levels, thus supplementing with vitamin D may support bowel function.

    • Vegan sourced Vitamin D from sprouted buckwheat germ
    • May support a healthy immune system and cardiovascular system
    • May support bone health, mood balance and gastrointestinal health
    • With Vitamin K for additional bone and heart health support
    • With magnesium glycinate to support intestinal absorption, bone and heart health

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