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  • BioTrace Product Mastery Webinar: Module 2 – Botanicals

    Module 2 – Botanicals
    04/06/20 – 10:00am

    Webinar Summary

    The team at BioTrace are proud to present Product Mastery Webinar: Module 2 – Botanicals.

    More Information

    In Module 2, Robin Day will talk all about the BioTrace QRX Botanical Range. These wildcrafted tinctures are sourced ecologically from South America and have a long standing history as powerful remedies. Robin will guide you through the different herbs and possible application in clinic, sharing his clinical experience with these special products.

    If you have not attended a Zoom webinar previously, we recommend pre-installing the Zoom software to prevent any delays accessing the webinar on the day.
    This module is worth 1 CPE Point and certificates will be provided to those who attend the full webinar