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  • NutraMedix Vermella Extract

    Product Summary

    A herbal extract made from the leaves of the Gentianella alborosea plant. Vermella can be used to support metabolism and feelings of satiety.

    More Information

    Gentianella alborosea grows wild in Peru at an altitude of between 3500 and 4300 meters and has been used by tribal groups in that region for hundreds of years.

    NutraMedix utilises a proprietary extraction and enhancement process for optimal potency and a highly bio-active product.

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  • PRL Adaptogen R3

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    PRL Adaptogen R3

    A combination of key synergistic nutritional blends, Adaptogen contains herbs to promote homeostasis and support adrenal function.

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  • PRL Lean Advantage

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    PRL Lean Advantage

    Premier quality, biocompatible formula designed to support healthy weight management, lean body mass and glycemic metabolism.  Formulated with raspberry keytones and bitter orange extract.

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  • PRL Trim Body Blend

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    PRL Trim Body Blend

    Delicious, protein-based meal supplement that features a premier quality whey. This product has a great full-bodied taste and mixes well with liquids. Contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

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