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BioTrace is the importer and distributor of high quality supplements, agent for MediScan hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), and trainers of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

BioTrace offers unique products that are either living source, ionic, and/or from a manufacturer who utilises technology to assess the energetic frequency of their products. We select supplements for the form or source of nutrient rather than the dose, with an understanding that the body uses all of the synergists that are contained within a plant. BioTrace chooses brands that are well researched and who have great integrity.

Our specially trained naturopaths hand-write HTMA reports, making them as meaningful and relevant to your client's health as possible. We specialise in toxic metal detoxification and strive to ensure this can done as safely and comprehensively as possible. We choose MediScan, an Australian high quality lab for our tests.

BioTrace has a busy in-house clinic where our practitioners put into practice the many tools we have in order to share clinical pearls with practitioners in New Zealand and Australia. Our focus is to educate and empower health professionals so they may better support their clients and the health of their community. We know it is your aim, and it is ours as well, to support the health of a client as comprehensively as possible.
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